Sunday, November 11, 2018

***Last update of 2018

Greetings from Room206! This will be our last post of 2018. Mrs. Baum will be out of state until winter break taking care of her mom. This week, we will be busy with getting ready for this Friday's unit test over integer calculations, distributive property, and order of operations. Here's a closer look at what we've got going on...

Image result for castle clipart snowMonday-We will be taking an MCOMP assessment and scoring it, then getting started on our study guide! Students will also be working on finishing up their Buzzmath assignment from last week.

Tuesday-Thursday: We will be embarking on a Mathmas Review Adventure! Students will be traveling through some different stops, reviewing the content from this unit and working towards rescuing the royal family in the frozen castle! We will end by going over the answers in our study guide.

Friday-Unit test! Vocab test! Mathmas celebration!

 Homework for the week is to complete the study guide! Due by Thursday!

We will also be celebrating the countdown to Thanksgiving with some dress up theme days...

Monday 11/12-Motivational Shirt Monday!
Tuesday 11/13 Adventure Tuesday!
Wednesday 11/14 Blizzard! Snowfall! Wear white!
Thursday 11/15 Temperature's Dropping!
Friday 11/16 Flannel Friday!
Monday 11/19 Silly Socks Monday!
Tuesday 11/20 Comfy Cozy Tuesday!

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Saturday, November 3, 2018


Image result for novemberHello November!
We are hard at work in the middle of our integer unit! Last week we learned the rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. This week, we are finishing up with calculations, and getting ready to apply what we know with the Distributive Property and order of operations! We will be busy this week! Let's see what is happening in Room206.

Monday: We will be finishing our calculations unit and taking a quiz today! Advanced will also be working with exponents.

Tuesday: All classes will be learning about the Distributive Property! We will also start talking about order of operations.

Wednesday: We will all be working with order of operations today. Practice makes perfect!

Thursday: Today is a half day! We will be engaging in whole school Veterans Day activities.

Friday: No school! Parent/Teacher Conferences!

Homework for the week:
Buzzmath assignment for the week: Solving Problems with Integers 1 due Thursday!
Monday-No HW
Tuesday-Order of Ops WS
Wednesday-No HW
Unit test and vocab test 11/16

Buzzmath assignment for the week: Evaluating Exponents: Powers with Negative Bases due Thursday!
Monday-Exponents WS, Integer Projects due Tuesday
Tuesday-Order of Ops WS
Wednesday-No HW
Unit test and vocab test 11/16

Want some extra credit? Write a note letting me know something you are thankful for and put it in my mailbox by the end of the day on Thursday!

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Saturday, October 27, 2018


Image result for candy cornHappy last week of October! We are hard at work learning about integers in Room206. We are going to be diving into integer calculations this week. Let's see what we've got cooking!

Advanced Math will be working on a self paced integer operations workshop this week! All week long, students will be learning about calculating with the four operations, and then creating a presentation project to show all 4 skills. We will be quizzing on Friday.

Onlevel activities for the week:
Monday: We will be learning about adding integers with like and unlike signs!
Here are a couple of video to demonstrate adding integers!

Tuesday: We will be working on subtracting integers today. Here's a video to demonstrate this skill!

Wednesday: We will be learning about multiplying and dividing integers, and then playing Trick or Math!
Here are a few videos for multiplying and dividing integers.

Thursday: Today will be a mixed review practice day.
Friday: We will be quizzing over our skills from this week!

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Sunday, October 21, 2018


Image result for fallFall is in full effect... can't believe we are already into the back half of October! Parent teacher conferences are just around the corner. Will you be coming to see us so we can talk about how your child is doing in 7th grade? Schedule your appointment before they all fill up!

We are into second quarter, and starting our third unit of the year--Accentuate the Negative. Here's what is going on in Room206 this week!

Monday: We will be taking our MCOMP assessment today to see which calculation skills we should work on over the next few weeks! Students will also be getting started on building some background knowledge for our upcoming unit.

Tuesday: All classes will be doing an introduction to integers. We'll be looking at number lines and verbal cues from real world integer situations. We will also be working on building our vocabulary!

Image result for team
Wednesday: 7 Orange will be heading to NIU for some teambuilding in the morning. In the afternoon, we'll be reflecting on our success and opportunities for growth from first quarter.

Thursday and Friday: Inequalities! We will be learning about graphing and representing inequalities from real world situations. We'll also be reviewing our vocab and chatting with Ms. G, one of our awesome school counselors!

This week's HW:
Monday- OL-Frayer Models   ADV-Learn the Things
Tuesday- Farther From One WS
Thursday-Inequalities WS
Friday- No HW!

Want some sweet second quarter extra credit? Draw or create a picture of a real world situation involving integers. Use color! Turn it in by Friday!

Saturday, October 13, 2018


Image result for fresh startHappy start of the new quarter! The new quarter is a great time for a fresh start! We have learned a lot about being a successful student and classmate over the past several weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing these ideas and skills being put into practice as we start the new quarter.
We will be spending this week reviewing for our Comparing and Scaling unit test on Thursday! Here's what's cookin'.

Monday: Both classes will be looking at comparative statements using different measures. Advanced will also be working with percent to percent ratios!

Tuesday: OnLevel will be immersed in 3 different review tasks today, focusing heavily on proportions and unit rates. Advanced will be solving problems using the skills from Monday.

Image result for candy gifWednesday: Whole group rapid review! We will be working hard to make sure we've got all of our skills on lock.

Thursday: Unit Test! Time to show what you know!

Friday: Hispanic Heritage celebration during elective classes. We will be watching a video and getting ready for our next unit today.

Homework for both classes will be to work on study guides. These are due on Wednesday! Looking for some extra review? Check out the unit rate review quizizz in the All of the Super Important Weekly Things document. Practice your vocab. Look at your study guides and previous notes/packets/assessments.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Image result for fall yallHappy Fall, y'all! My favorite season is DEFINITELY in full swing. I love the colors, weather, flavors... It's the best. In Room206, we are working on unit rates this week! Here's what we've got going on...

Monday: No school! Columbus Day!

Tuesday: We will be taking an MCOMP and getting started on our unit rate study. We'll be putting a page in our journal and completing a Buzzmath assignment.

Wednesday: We will be 100% into unit rate today. Students will be completing a unit rate maze!

Image result for mazeThursday: Lunch date! Students will be creating a menu, and then shopping for deals! We will also be playing Minion Math!

Friday: Students will review with their table teams, and then we'll be quizzing!

Here are some great links that will help you master this week's skills!
Rate challenge
Unit Rate quiz
Unit Rate CHALLENGE quiz

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